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Meet Rusbridge Design Studio


Founder & Creative Director

Ann, a talented designer with a degree from FIDM in Los Angeles, was born in North Dakota and raised in California. With a background in fashion design, she brings a unique perspective to her work. At Rusbridge Design Studio, Ann is in charge of all things creative and breathes life into her clients designs. In her free time, Ann enjoys gardening and finding inspiration in nature, along with spending time with her family.

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Managing Director

From London, England, Aaron brings wide-ranging experience dealing with individuals in the luxury sector. Over the years, Aaron has honed his skills, built a robust network, and gained a deep understanding of the unique requirements and expectations of his clients. At Rusbridge Design Studio, Aaron is responsible for all things business related, and can also be found assisting Ann during design installations. In his spare time, Aaron enjoys playing golf and is an avid San Francisco 49ers fan.

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